Facility And Quality

Facility And Quality

“Quality is not an instance but an outcome of the companies continued efforts to deliver the best to its clients.” Nirmal Fibers is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company with its quality management system certified with TŰV management services. Certification to the ISO 9001-2000 system forms the framework where by the management of Nirmal Fibers will monitor and continuously improve all aspects of the organization that effect quality. Attainment of the ISO 9001-2000 certification is a statement of the company’s complete commitment to excellence and ultimately to ensure total customer satisfaction. With all the infrastructure in place and experienced professionals to spearhead the operation Nirmal is capable of delivering the best to its clients without compromising on any of the specification laid down for the finished product. Our quality system keeps the check on the process and material from its cradle to death. A dedicated team of professionals is in place in Nirmal which keeps a thrust on the fulfillment of ISO rules and regulations.
Polyester staple fiber
(A) Quality Flowchart:-

Raw Material is purchased

Test Done on the material before accepting the material
PVC % Test
Dust % Test
Moisture % Test
Unwanted material %

Material Accepted and sent to the washing floor and then the material is washed and sent to the washed material godown
Test done on the washed material

Unwanted material %
Moisture %
Dust %

Washed material processed and converted to Fiber

Test done on the Fiber

Moisture %
Oil % pickup
% of fused fiber
Over length Fiber
Tensile Strength gm/denier
% Elongation
Color Matching

Stocked in godown for dispatch.
PP Spun bond Non Woven Fabric

Since the Fabric is manufactured from Virgin grade material just visual inspection is done of the raw material i.e PP Chips.

However following test are conducted on the finished product i.e. PP Spun bond Non Woven fabric

1. Breaking Strength
2. Extension in mm
3. % Elongation
4. GSM Test
5. Shade Matching Test
For Hydrophobic Fabric following test are conducted
1. % water Absorption
2. Strike Through
As per the test result the finished product is stocked for dispatch.  

Equipments available in our Laboratory
1. Tensile Testing Machinery
2. Precision electronic weighing machine
3. Color matching cabinet
4. Spec to photometer for shade development and matching
5. Universal Drying Oven
6. Melting Point apparatus
7. Water Bath
8. Oil Pickup Apparatus
9. Melt Flow Index calculator
The company has all the requisite technology, know how and employees to adhere to the ISO quality standards. We have dedicated team and department spearheaded by experienced professional looking after the companies fulfillment of all the ISO laid protocols which continuously nurtures Nirmal dream of being the preferred choice of customers.